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Nov. 23rd, 2010

{fanfic} Fangirls and Lies (chiashin)

Title: Lies and Fangirls
Pairing: Chiashin (ShinjiroxChiaki)
Rating: G
Notes: I fear I may have overdone it with the plotline fillers this time but with luck it still worked out..? ._. This is my filrst time writing Chiashin and it is LONG overdue to tinkerbell2894 ! I hope you like it! In the meantime, I should really get back to my research paper. XD Thank you for reading!!

“Go to that corner! Go to that corner!”

“Alright. Ready?”



“Three!” they chorused together as Hidaka and Shuta sprinted across the room for a running high-five. “FREE FOOD!!!!!” they cheered.

Urata facepalmed.

“And you two wonder why I never take you anywhere…” Urata said rolling his eyes.

“Hot~ Pot~ Hot~ Pot~ Hot~ Pot~” Nishijima sang happily as he pranced around the room. Misako and Chiaki giggled at the 3 stranger members of AAA running excitedly around the dance studio. Urata sighed as he put his hand on Shinjiro’s shoulder.

“Only for your 22nd birthday would I allow these shenanigans within 6 meters of my household. I hope you’re grateful,” he said with a smirk.

“Hahah, I appreciate it,” Shin said amused as he observed his band member’s antics.

“Ah! The car’s here!” said Misako pressing her face to the window like a little girl.

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” the over-excited threesome chanted. “HOT POT! HOT POT!” The other four laughed as they all started to the back of the room to grab their things. Urata headed toward the door with his bag in hand.

“Come on, Pokémon! Time’s-a-wasting!” he yelled back at them. They all popped up from their belongings perplexed. A moment of silence passed, all of them staring blankly at Urata.

“...Pokémon…?” Chiaki and Shin said in unison, though the other members were clearly thinking the same.

“It…rhymed,” he began to explain. “…I don’t know! Let’s go!
                A sligthly smaller pause for silence.

“…I call Pikachu!” exclaimed Nissy.

“Hitmontop!” Shuta said hopping into a headstand.

“BLASTOISE!” Hidaka called dropping his bags to imitate the super tortoise. He pointed his water bottle at Nissy. “Pchuu! Pchuu! Pchuu! Hydro Canon!!” The remains of Hidaka’s water shot out at Nissy.

“Hey! Watch the hair!”

“Teehee.” Hidaka dropped the empty bottle as he ran into the car.

“Thunderbolt!!” Nissy hollered, chasing after him. He stumbled across the door frame as he ran out, barely managing to keep his balance.

“Nishijima’s attack missed!” Hidaka laughed.

“Hey! I- OOF,” Nissy slipped on the icy pavement and tumbled to the ground. “…Ow,” he groaned sitting up. Shuta took the liberty of stepping over Nissy and into the car, sitting down next to Hidaka.

“Nishijima is hit with recoil,” Shuta grinned.

“Oh, Nissy~” Misako said helping him up. She helped brush the snow off him while Shin and Chiaki just stood laughing. Shin slipped his hands into his pockets as he started toward the car.

“Ah. Where’s my-“

“Phone?” Chiaki smiled holding it out for him. “You left it by the stereo.”

“Thanks,” he replied nonchalantly. He smiled and took it from her before grabbing the seat next to Nissy. Chiaki sighed as he walked away before filling in the seat next to Misako. He’ll never know…


“So… full…” Nishijima sat back contented.

“Man, you guys really clean house,” Urata mumbled under his breath. “Happy Birthday, Shinjiro!”

“Happy Birthday, Shinjiro!” the other 5 said happily.

“Thanks everyone!” Shin replied with a big smile.

“So… now what?” Hidaka and Shuta looked eagerly at Urata, ready for more party festivities.

“Uhm… Idunno. Suggestions?”

“Naptime,” a full Nissy whined.

“Cake!” Shuta and Hidaka cheered.

“…NO.” the other members glared. The two shrank in their seats, disappointed.

“…what are you two up to?” Urata questioned, eyeing the girls as they conversed elatedly.

“Truth or Dare!” the girls yelled. Chiaki stole a glance at Shinjiro before turning back to Urata—his luminescent skin shaded perfectly by the soft lighting above.

“Yes!” Hidaka and Shuta high-fived at the sound of the word “dare”. A lazy Nissy held a thumbs up for a few seconds before plopping his arm back down.

“Works for me,” said Urata. “What do you think, Shin?”

“Sounds like fun,” he replied. Shin slurped up the last of his soup and looked up at them with a killer smile that made it hard to turn away, even for a moment. “Let’s do it.”


“LOCK THE DOORS! LOCK THE WINDOWS! LOCK EVERYTHING!” Urata screamed frantically. Hidaka and Shuta were rolling on the floor laughing out what little oxygen they were managing to inhale.

“Never…” Shivering. “Again…” More shivering. “Can I please… have my shirt…now…?” Nissy muttered bitterly. Shuta held it out to him, gasping for air.

“You should’ve picked truth,” Shinjiro said smugly, sitting warmly by Urata’s fireplace. Nissy trudged over and grabbed the hot tea out of Shin’s hands, chugging it down before setting the empty cup back in front of him. Shin laughed as he picked up his cup for a refill.

“How was I supposed to know they’d send me running around the block shirtless?!” Nissy growled.

“Well, considering you never have a problem dressing like a girl, what else could they make you do?” Chiaki pointed out. She walked gently across the room and sat down on the sofa next to Shinjiro who shifted uncomfortably in his seat. She stared down at her cup of tea as he squirmed. She squeezed it a little tighter to swallow her embarrassment and inched away from him accordingly.

“I don’t know what was worse. The cold or the mob of screaming fangirls who started chasing me…”

“DEFINITELY THE FANGIRLS!” Urata shouted from upstairs as he scrambled around, closing all the blinds.

“Blame them!” Nissy pointed Hidaka and Shuta as they crawled back to the circle after, finally, catching their breath.

“Alright, alright. Let’s continue~” Misako said skipping back from the kitchen. “Urata!”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming. You.” Urata pointed at Nissy as he walked down the stairs. “Good luck getting out of this house safely tonight.”

“Hrmph.” Nissy stuck his tongue out at Urata. “Your turn, birthday boy. Truth or Dare, Shin-chan?”

“After witnessing that? Truth.”

“Have you ever had feelings for any of the members of AAA?”

Silence washed over the room, only the sound of the fireplace crackling behind them. Misako side-glanced at Chiaki who was twiddling her thumbs nervously, her eyes glistening from either the reflection of the flames besides her or the unshakable hope left in her heart. It was hard to tell.


Chiaki’s heart sank a little.

Or –more like, a lot.


“Duck. Come on. Stay down and get in the car.” Urata slapped the black hooded blob into the backseat of the car.

“Owww,” Nissy whined as he was shoved into his seat. Shuta and Hidaka snickered on the sidewalk.

“This is for your own protection. From the crazy fangirls who are no doubt now monitoring my home. Thanks for that.” Urata bopped Nissy on the head and climbed into the driver’s side. “You sure you 5 don’t need a ride?”

“We’re good,” said Shuta. “We’re headed to a friend’s house down the road.”

“I’ve got a ride coming,” Misako chimed. She finished texting and slipped her phone into her pocket. “Thanks though!”

“It’s so pretty outside~” Chiaki noted, staring up at the sky—snowflakes softly patting the ground. “I think I’ll walk.”

“I’m walking too. I’ve got some family near here that I ought visit before I head home anyway. Speaking of which, I should get going. Goodnight, everyone! Thanks for everything!!” yelled Shin as he began his stroll down the street.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINJIRO!!” the 6 cheered after him.

“Thank you very much!” He turned to smile and wave goodbye to his band mates before rounding the corner.

“Alright! Then in that case, I guess I'll be on my way. Gotta take this basketcase home.”


“Goodnight!” Urata waved to his friends as he drove off.

After Misako had been picked up and the boys began their race down to their friend’s apartment, Chiaki started down the street alone. The snow frosting the streets glittered in the moonlight as she pulled her bag securely onto her shoulder. She took a deep breath as she trailed through the snow, falling snowflakes sprinkling her hair with every step.

She’d just passed the local corner bakery when someone took hold of her hand and yanked her into a dark alley.

“HEL-!” A cold hand covered her mouth gently. Her eyes darted quickly from the street to her mouth. Her mouth to her captor.
                Shinjiro’s eyes shimmered back at her.

Grabbing her waist, he pulled her close, locking his lips to hers. There they stood in the quiet of the night, Chiaki's will to resist his cold facade weakening as each second passed.Their warm embrace grew closer and closer until Shinjiro drew back slightly. Holding her head against his, their warm breath rose around them as he opened his mouth to speak.




::Writer’s Note::

I know, I know. I spent a good 10-15 minutes staring at those last couple paragraphs trying to figure out a way to have Shin say “truth” BEFORE clearly confessing his real feelings for Chiaki—considering that’s how Truth or Dare would actually work. >_> But it was never quite as dramatic. And, I just... didn’t like it as much.  ._. I’m sure you all got the gist anyway, but I thought I’d let you know, just in case! Thanks again for reading! :D

photo credit: http://community.livejournal.com/shinjiro_chiaki/624.html

Sep. 22nd, 2010

diagnosed as a sever case of procrastination ._.

so, allow me to start off with: i'm fully aware i still owe people fanfics
and i will get to them eventually, as promised, but when that'll be is.. tentative ._.
and i am UBER sorry that they're not done after all this time =.=
especially since i asked for them T___T
it's just that it's my junior year in high school (the worst year =.=) and, frankly, i don't even have the energy to check the comm anymore ;__;

i still have all the requests written down!
so i apologize to tinkerbell2894 , liliesinponds , and anyone who was looking forward to some new fanfics >_<

if only my english teacher would ease up on the projects =.='

Aug. 12th, 2010

{fanfic} A Little Rain (takauno)

Title: A Little Rain
Pairing: Takauno (NishijimaxMisako)
Rating: G
Notes: For convenience93 and her "soulmates" concept~ This actually went in a COMPLETELY different direction as I was writing. I had my little mini intro, and by the time i finished it didn't even fit with the story anymore >_> I like this idea too, though. So there's a good chance I'll use this prompt again, but it'll be much more... dramatic? x] for now, this is easy to digest ;)


                “Ta.” Poke. “Ka.” Poke. “Hi.” Poke. “Ro.” Poke. “HELLO?!”

                “Ah! What?!” Nissy dove back into reality at the sound of Hidaka’s voice.

                “Welcome back, my little sugar plum fairy. Did you have a nice dream? Because you’re up next! I hope you have those lines of yours memorized, Sparky. That silky waterfall you call hair will only get you so far.”

                “Psh, yeah, yeah. I got this. Don’t even worry about it,” Nissy answered pushing Hidaka’s hand off his shoulder. He gave his lines one last glance, pausing before he went for filming. “And I want my vest back when this CF is over, got it?!”

                “But it looks so much better on m-“

                “BACK. IN MY HOUSE. AT N-I-N-E.”

                “Alright, alright. Don’t get your a-nation boxers in a bunch. Now, go make thousands of fangirls squeal with that ‘winning charm’ of yours so we can meet the others for dinner already.”


                “Itadakimasu!” A starving AAA, minus one, eagerly dove into their food.

                “Oh… Where’s Uno-chan?” Nissy asked, eyes wide, as he finally went up for air. It was easy for a famished Nissy to lose track of attendance. Nothing could really get in the way of the hungry pop star and a nice bowl of ramen.

                “Assuming she’s not bouncing around our room listening to KARA, she’s probably out with that new boyfriend of hers. Showing him around or something,” Chiaki replied slurping up a noodle. Nissy paused to recall. Oh yeah, that American guy. He was fun. His Japanese was a little rough, but tolerable. Good guy.

                “She should’ve brought him here.”

                “Knowing her, she’s probably dragging him around the mall. His vacation in Japan is only, what, 3 months? She’s probably getting him to buy her tons of new clothes on that Hollywood salary of his. Pff. She does one American movie and suddenly she’s the Japanese princess of the American movie industry.”

                “Just because that’s what YOU would do, doesn’t mean that’s what SHE’LL do, Chi,” Shuta noted, pointing his chopsticks at her. “And don’t be so bitter. Your time will come too.” To this, Chiaki rolled her eyes.

                “I was joking, Shu,” she said with a smile. “I’m happy for her. But flying off for discussion of a second movie, and bringing back a guy? Seems a tad ris-ky~” she sing-songed.

                “Only because you wouldn’t be able to do it…” Hidaka muttered under his breath. Chiaki took the liberty of kicking him under the table. “OW. It was Shin’s idea!”

                “It was not! Don’t drag me into this! Especially not when I’m eating!”

                “Yeesh, do I need to put you guys in a play pen?! I agreed to be the leader, not your babysitter.”

                “They call you Urapapa for a reason,” Shuta pointed out.

                “…Finish your ramen.”



                “Uno-chan! Late. As. ALWAYS,” Nissy yelled down the street as she ran up to him. Just then, a speeding delivery truck zoomed past, turning this morning’s rain puddle into a mini tidal wave. Just large enough to get Misako soaked.

                “KYAA!” she screamed as the muddy water seeped deep into the fibers of her clothes.

                “Uno-chan!” Nissy dashed out the door and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Are you okay?!”

                “Cold. Heartbroken. And now, WET. What do you think?!” Sensing the pain in her eyes and the desperation in her voice, Nissy put his arm around her and lead her inside.


                “He was an idiot to leave. You have more to offer him than anyone,” Nissy said softly taking the empty cup of tea from her hands. “Sorry if the shirt’s too big.” Misako smiled gently as she lifted the blanket off her shoulders and handed it back to Nissy. Nissy’s shirt was a little large for her, but seeing as her shirt was still tumbling away in Nissy’s dryer, she was satisfied walking out with her own jeans. “Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you home?”

                “I’ll be alright, thanks. It’s just a silly break-up, right? Not the end of the world,” she smiled as she said it, but they both knew she was hurting on the inside. Once they reached the door, she gave him a quick hug and waved goodbye as she started back down the street. “Call me later, okay?!” she yelled back at him.

                “Don’t I always?!” he yelled back, smiling. He closed the door and locked all 7 locks tight; you’d be surprised just how handy some Japanese fangirls could be. He set the blanket down on the sofa and went over to the tea cups by the sink. Once they shined to his satisfaction, he went to check on that laundry of his…


                “Nissy? Hey, yeah, Misako passed out like half an hour ago.”

                “She passed out?!”

                “I mean, she crashed. On her bed. She’s sound asleep. Didn’t even change when she got home.”

                “Oh, okay. Should I call back later or..?”

                “If you want, but at this rate I don’t think this Sleeping Beauty’s gonna be up anytime soon. Should I wake her up for you?”

                “Hahah no, it’s fine. Let her sleep. She needs it.”

                “Works for me. One less victim of-“ a huge clang resounded in the background on Chiaki’s end of the line, “Hidaka and Shu’s ‘Magical Deluxe Luxurious Dessert Surprise’…”

                “…a what?” More clangs.

                “Could you two keep it down?! I’m on the phone and Misako’s sleeping! Sorry, these two dropped by saying they needed a place to wait the rain out. I love them, but now they’re rumbling through our kitchen trying to make some dessert and I’m a little bit concerned. Guess who named their special dish?”


                “Bingo. You wanna come and brave the chocolaty mountain these two call food?”

                “I think I’ll pass. I think I’m gonna go to bed early tonight. Don’t get any cavities!”

                “That’s the least of my worries, goodnight Nissy!”

                “Goodnight Chiaki!” Nissy hung up and ran off to fold the rest of the laundry. He picked up the t-shirt and hoodie Misako had worn earlier that day, the gentle laundry detergent fragrance combined with Uno-chan’s usual vanilla smell filling the air. “I better not forget to bring these tomorrow.” He folded the soft hoodie and set it on the coffee table. “Oh… English. Must be something she got in America,” he noticed looking at her t-shirt. He folded it and set it on top of the hoodie before pulling out his phone. He snapped a picture of the text. Maybe Hidaka knew what it said? He wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but his English surpassed Nissy’s. He watched as the little envelope icon slipped into the pixilated abyss. As he started upstairs, his phone began to buzz. Apparently, the “Magical Deluxe Luxurious Dessert Surprise” didn’t hinder Hidaka’s usual texting speed. He flipped open his phone.

“~one message from: Chiaki Ito~”

“Chi?” He opened the message and waited as a dimly lit picture appeared on the tiny screen. Misako was curled up against a pillow all snug and warm. She had a faint smile on her face. Her scrolled down to the text,

“I haven’t seen her smile since that last day she spent with her ex. Maybe she’s having a nice dream? This looks like… your shirt? Good job :)” Nissy scrolled back up to the picture. Sure enough, there she was lying peacefully in Nissy’s favorite One Piece t-shirt. A smile spread to his face just as his phone began to buzz again. Hidaka this time.

“The English on her shirt says, ‘You Belong With Me’.”

Jun. 19th, 2010

=cue the Jaws theme=

Guess who's BAAAAACKK :D
i hope.

Sorry for not being on for so long, guys :/
What with school and fandom drama I felt it was best I just backed out for a while =.='

School is out now which means FREEEEE TIMEEEEE
A growing rarity for someone of my age T_T'
So now the only things eating my time are Tennis Camp and my addiction to Prince of Tennis... ^__^"

AAA news..
I haven't kept up very much with the fandom lately. So anything recent is a little beyond me :P
But as for fanworks,
I've been working on a graphics package~
So if you have any images that you feel could make a good graphic, shoot 'em my way (:
However my knowledge of moving grapics.. is.. limited.
Or, more like none.
Heheh.. .__."
As for fanfiction, I'm open to prompts :)
But I don't think I'll be coming up with anything on my own anytime soon hahah.. Sorry :/
My imagination is best when somewhat.. guided :P

I guess that's all for now
I'll try to keep up on LJ more regularly now that summer's here :)
But in the meantime, this library computer's about to shut me down :OO

Hope everyone has a nice day! :D
<3 Alexx~
p.s. sorry my post isn't as colorful as usual. i've got less than 5 minutes left on the computer x___x

Mar. 12th, 2010

There's a first time for everything.

To the faraway, キラキラの未来
To the faraway, キラキラの未来
Now baby 行こうぜ
高く v i r g i n  f l i g h t

HelloHelloHello :)
It's friday once again! (Amen.)
Which means it's time for my weekly post ^__^
How was everyone's week? Mine was.. Pretty good.
Better than last week. But that's not a very high standard XD
oh~ I performed at my school's Open Mic Night last night.
It was my first time ever performing in front of more than just one person ._.
I was scared stiff LOL but vocally, I think it went alright. I just didn't move the whole time hahah
I sang the candlelight remix of "Heaven" by DJ Sammy~
One of my friends sang A Whole New World, wish I had thought of that XD i love that song :)
It was a fun night overall :D
Honestly, I don't remember much of the week earlier than that. LOL oh well.
I'm so busy this weekend. I don't know how I'm gonna get everything done. T___T *headdesk*
I'm going to Florida with our school's Marching Band ^_^ (I'm on the Color Guard)
except my english teacher decided to assign us a speech/poem
due the day we get back.
Gotta love it. Ah, well I'm excited nonetheless.
And after spring break I start managing Boys Tennis :D That I'm also pretty excited about.
I love Asian guys XD
in regards to news that might actually interest some of you,
I'm in the process of another piece of AAA fanwork. What is it this time?
Hopefully, you'll find out soon :)
I won't get much time next friday (when the band leaves for Florida) so I'll either post thursday or
*pause for dramatic effect*
not at all :/
So I'll do my best to get it up before that!
Let's see... My AAA question of the week is (actually 3 in one... ^__^"):

Which AAA PV is your favorite?
Which of AAA's songs would you most like to see made into a PV?
Which song do you think is most likely to become a PV next

My favorite PV's probably Wonderful Life. It is too adorable for words :D
I'd love to see Deai No Chikara made into a PV :)
(I was really caught between that, Paradise Paradise, and Wonderful Girls. But I'm such a diehard Takauno fan it had to be Deai No Chikara ^_^)
And I would guess ONE or R i s i n g Sun or Brand New World is up next. My best bet is ONE~
I'm not gonna argue, I love that song (:

I wanna hear everyone's response to these questions!
(Even you, Gary.)
I'm thought it up this morning, I'd love to know what you guys think :D

Feb. 27th, 2010

{fanfic} A Winter Wonderland (Takauno)

::I just realized I posted a picture of Misako and Nissy on my entries in attackallaround  and get_x_chu without crediting who I got the picture from. But.. I actually don't remember where I got it~ ! heheh ^_^" Most likely takauno,  if i had to guess. (I'm not a fake promoting that community! Just trying to give credit where credit is due! I'm a real person! Don't eat me! ._. )::

Title: A Winter Wonderland
Pairing: Takauno (NishijimaxMisako)
Rating: G
Notes: Finally!!! :DDD Gomen! It took so long to finish! But I finally thought up a bridge to my ending last night! ^__^ This is my favorite pairing too.  I hope you guys like it!

"So, I was thinking maybe we could start out with an angle of the sunse-" BAM! A snowball whapped Nissy on the back of the head. "Oof!" Nissy exclaimed nearly falling into the camera crew. He rubbed the back of his head and turned around quickly. Misako was, ironically enough, wiping her hands on her coat with a mischevious smile on her face. She peered quickly over at Nissy and giggled. "Oh, it's on now..." He bent over and picked up some snow and formed a small snowball. Aim and.. Fire! BOOM, Misako had been pegged.
"Hey!" Misako protested. She put her hands on her hips and pouted, Nissy laughed at the adorable sight. "Watch the hair!"
"Mine first," Nissy said winking.
"Why you little..."
"Hey, now. Come on, you two. Save it for later. The PV comes first," Naoya said stepping in.
"But he-" Misako began to argue.
"Yeah, Uno-chan," Nissy teased. "PV comes first."

"And.. CUT!" the director yelled over them. "Good job, everybody." All of AAA had already started off into their respective tents. 10 minutes later, Shinjiro, Hidaka, Chiaki, Shuta, and Naoya were all out already. Misako had just joined them.
"Where's Nissy?" she asked.
"Still in his tent," Shinjiro replied.
"Probably fixing his hair or something," Hidaka snickered.
"I'm hungry already!" Chiaki whined.
"Me too," Shuta agreed. "Let's go already, Nissy will catch up. He knows where we're going, right?"
"Uhm... I think I'll hang back and wait for him," Misako said quietly. "You know... in case he forgets. You know Nissy." The 5 eyed her suspiciously, but agreed.
"Call us if you need anything!" Naoya yelled to her as they walked away.
"I will!" Misako smiled and waved as they went off. She turned back towards Nissy's tent.

"Now's a good time for some revenge..." She picked up a snowball and threw it into an opening in Nissy's tent.
"ACK!" Nissy yelped from inside.
"Got him." Misako grinned. Nissy stumbled out of his tent. His hair was perfect but it look like he had just thrown his shirt on. He would fix his hair first, Misako thought. "Can I help you?" she smiled deviously.
"No, I think I can help myself..." Nissy bent over into the snow. SPLAT. Another snowball came launching at his side. He looked up at Misako with her hands behind her back, whistling sweetly as she looked up into the sky. "Why I oughta..." He lunged toward her. She squealed and ran off. "Get back here!" Nissy demanded.
"You'll have to catch me first!" she called back to him. She ran out into the snow and to the top of a large hill.
"You can count on that!" Nissy yelled running after her. She stood at the top of the mountain making funny faces at him-not noticing he was catching up. "Gotcha!" he proclaimed grabbing hold of her.
"Ah! Nissy!" she screamed with a huge smile on her face. She began to laugh. They both fell onto the snow and began to roll down the hill in each other's arms. They rolled and rolled facing each other until they hit the bottom. They landed Nissy on top of Misako as she laid in the snow. He took her hands and intertwined their fingers keeping her arms down.
"Pinned ya," he said playfully with a proud grin.
"What is this? The Lion King?" she smirked from beneath him.
"Maybe." He stared at her just for a moment-admiring her gentle features, her soft hair, and the way her eyes glimmered when she smiled.
She was doing just the same. Noticing the way his hair fell over his eyes, how soft his lips looked with a matte shine that contrasted beautifully with the sky above. He looked as though he was waiting for something... "I guess... I should get up now," he said almost dissapointed.
"I guess so..." Misako replied quietly. No. The moment.. had been too perfect. She was't going to let it pass her by. "Wait!"
Just as he began to get up, she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close. He gazed into her eyes startled, and then smiled. She closed her eyes and kissed him. They both grew warm. Despite being outside, laying in the freezing snow, the kiss had made them both warm. It was as if the world stopped and was nothing but the two of them. Kissing. Nissy had to push away eventually, his arms were giving in and he didn't want to completely squish Misako. He stood up, brushed himself off, and reached his hands out to her. She grabbed them and he lifted her up. "So..." he began slyly, "what was that about?"
Misako smiled shyly.
"I wanna say force of habit but-"
He put his finger to her lips as if to shush her.
"Don't worry," Nissy practically whispered. "It will be." He leaned in to kiss her. It lasted longer since they both had stable footing. He held her face gently as she wrapped her arms around his waist. After a while, Misako let go and put her head down.
"We should probably head back... before the others get worried."
"Right." Nissy sighed contently and softly kissed Misako's forehead. He grabbed her hand and they began walking off toward the parking lot.

They pulled up to the restaurant and walked in, still hand-in-hand. They spotted the rest of the group and hid just out of sight. Nissy took Miako's coat off and hung it up. "What do we tell them?" Nissy asked quietly.
She looked at him, kissed him on the cheek, and smiled. He hung up his coat and she grabbed his hand. "Nothing." She started to lead them toward the table but turned around. Nissy looked surprised. "We show them."
Nissy laughed and followed her out. Chiaki called out to them as they approached the table.
"Uno-cha-!" she paused and notice the two holding hands, fingers intertwined. "Nyaaaaa!!! Finally!!" she squealed in utter joy.
"Yeahh!!" Shuta cheered.
Naoya and Shinjiro smiled approvingly.
Nissy and Misako laughed, embarrassed, but happpily.
Hidaka sighed to himself in the corner seat.
"Ah?" Shinjiro looked over at him confused. "What's wrong, Hidaka? Did you like Uno-chan?"
Hidaka shook his head and pointed to Shuta.
"Hehehe..." snickered Shuta. "That'll be 800 yen."

Feb. 26th, 2010


めくるめくのさ Shiny days
歩き出せるさ ハレルヤ!


街はParty on Friday
足取りは快調! (Hey! Boyz!)
気持ちだって好調! 君といる-ohkay i'll stop.

Yayayayayay it's friday!
And... I'm sick =.="
Oh well :(
I don't really have any big plans for the wekend.
Maybe the mall? (Pokemon event at gamestop! ^__^ <3)
Maybe my school's musical?
And with luck, finish the Takauno fanfic I promised Victoria about 158674853183545 ages ago?
But two things I am definitely doing:
Watching the episodes of Pokemon I've been recording all week long! :D
And watching AAA's 3rd anniversary!! :DDD
Shin performs Crying Freeman~ ! ^__~
(Note homework is not on that list... o__O)
 I'm reading manga right now.

Anyone else with interesting plans for the weekend?
I want  s u m m e r  already!
(That was a little bit random...)

(...And the mention of sumer makes me want to break out in "Summer Revolution", "No End Summer", or "Sunshine"...^__^")
Anyhow, let's.. take a survey? of sorts? :)
What's your favorite AAA song from each album?

Mine goes something like:
ATTACK::Saikyou Babe or Deai No Chikara (I really can't choose T__T)
ALL::Us or Champage Gold
CCC -Challenge Cover Collection-::Crazy Gonna Crazy
AROUND::Deai No Chikara II (This was probably the hardest decision. This is my favorite album. I love all The songs! >.<)
Natsumono::No End Summer (But Hanabi's really growing on me..)
alohAAA::Wonderful Life (The PV's adorable too.)
ALL/2::Yume no Kakera (Another thing I'm watching 3rd anniversary for~ :] )
How about you guys? :D

...P.S. Is it just me, or does Overdrive sound vaguely like BLOOD on FIRE to anyone else?


Thanks to Victoria, it's occurred to me I left out depArture AND Heartful. Shame on me.
depArture::Wonderful Girls
Heartful::Believe Own Way

Feb. 12th, 2010

{fanfcition} A Ride to Remember (Nichi)

**I apologize for previously posting the full fanfiction on the communities! I'm pretty new to this whole posting thing =.=' I'm working on getting them all linked back to this post! Thanks for your patience~ !**

A Ride to Remember
Pairing: Nichi (NishijimaxChiaki)
Rating: G
Notes: A request by chiby83 on get_x_chu from... about a month ago. XD
Ehm... A small "disclaimer" of sorts: I have never written a fanfiction. This is totally amateur hahah. Oh, and one more thing, I apologize for any inaccuracies ^__^" You see, I've only been an AAA fan since around November of '09. So try and bare with me, heheh.
And for any... horseback riding terminology errors, I don't much about that at all! So for any riders out there, sorry! xD Now, I have never really put much thought into the Nichi fan pairing as I am a Takauno fan. But I must agree they look cute together, so I hope I do Nichi fans justice! Feel free to criticize. (Constructively, mind you.) And so... Let it begin!
*puts on Paradise Paradise (I remember a particularly... "scandalous" moment between Nissy and Chiaki during 2nd Anniversary in the performance of this song. Woot woot ;D)*

Nissy took in a deep breath walking out of the studio. It was late at night, but Heartful had finally been officially released and it was time he treated himself after all the hard work AAA had been putting into the new album. But what to do?
"Nissy!" a sweet voice cried out from behind him. Nissy quickly turned around.
"Ah, Chiaki! I see you finally collected all your things from the studio. You sure took your sweet time," Nissy said with a smirk.
"Hey!" said Chiaki defensively, "I don't need your sass!"
"Ahahah don't worry, I kid. What's up?"
"Well, random as it sounds. I was actually wondering if you'd like to come horseback riding with me tomorrow. Now that the album is truly finished, I thought it'd be a nice... getaway. Sort of." Chiaki paused to reflect on what she'd just said. Did it even make sense? What would Nissy think? Horseback riding? That sure came out of nowhere.
Nissy paused to think.
"...Sure. Sounds like fun," he said with that unmistakable Nishijima grin. A woman who knows what she wants, Nissy thought to himself, how intriguing... And rare.
"Really? Yay! Alright, meet me in front of the studio at 8 tomorrow morning!" Chiaki's excitement was growing exponentially. A whole day with Nissy, she could hardly wait. "Oh, wow," she noted softly looking at her watch as it glimmered in the moonlight, "It's late. I should head home and get some sleep before tomorrow! Oyasumi!* "
"Oyasumi!" Nissy called back after her as she ran off down the street. He let out a little groan as soon as she was out of audible range. The last thing he wanted after a long day like this was to get up early again tomorrow. But, for Chiaki, it was worth it. Nissy smiled to himself as he started down the street- already imagining what tomorrow would be like.

The next day...

"Ohayou!" Nissy called racing up to Chiaki.
"Nissy! You're late!" Chiaki pouted.
"Ah! I know, I know! Gomen!" Nissy replied sincerely.
"Who's taking their sweet time now?" Chiaki said playfully. "Ah, what's this?"
Nissy's face brightened, "I brought some tea for the trip!" he said proudly. He smiled while Chiaki's heart warmed at the sight.
"How sweet! Arigatou!" She took one of the cups from him. "Now, let's get going!"

"Whoa..." Nissy gaped at the miles of green pasture as he walked the horse out of the stable. "How did you find this place?"
"That's for me to know," she replied with a small wink, "and only me." Fighting off the curiosity, Nissy followed Chiaki down to the gate opening. They led their horses on to the soft grass and Chiaki hopped on. "Ready?"
"You bet!" Nissy said excitedly. He then proceeded to hop on his horse. Or... attempt to. He threw himself completely over the stallion and plopped onto the other side of the grass with a thud. "Ow..."
Chiaki burst out laughing. She wanted to feel bad, but it was such a typical Nissy moment, she couldn't help it. "Takahiro Fail," she chuckled.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Nissy pouted. What a way to begin what may or may not be a date. Either way, he picked himself up and brushed off his clothes. He gave it another try and successfully landed on the saddle. "See? I've got this all covered."
"Sure you do, Nissy," Chiaki giggled.
"Wanna bet?" Nissy's smile grew wider as he rode off into the field.
"Hey!" Chiaki yelled as she went after him.
"Last one around the hill and back buys lunch!"  Nissy sing-songed. Secretly, Nissy had already prepared two bento boxes that he left at the lodge. Good thing too, Chiaki was catching up fast.

"HA!" Chiaki exclaimed triumphantly as she hopped off her horse. Nissy strode in seconds after.
"That was ridiculous! I demand a rematch!"
"Maybe after lunch," she smiled leading her horse into her stall.
"You're on. Let's eat!" Nissy grabbed Chiaki's hand, hoping to be subtle, and walked her over to the lodge. He pulled out a chair and sat her down. "Now close your eyes." Chiaki eyed him skeptically -simultaneously noticing the adorable way Nissy's hair fell onto his face- but obeyed. Nissy ran to the corner and grabbed the bento boxes. He placed one in front of Chiaki -her delicate hands still covering her eyes- and the other just across from her. "And... open!" He flipped open her box.
"Nissy! Wow! It looks delicious!"
"Better than buying lunch?"
"Much better!" she said excitedly.
"Itadakimasu!" the two smiled as they dug in.

"Alright already! You win!" Chiaki panted as she caught up to Nissy.
"Aha! Finally!" Nissy proclaimed pumping his fists in the air. "Victory!"
Chiaki hopped off her horse and followed Nissy to the top of the hill. "Yup, and it only took you around 8 tries."
"A win is a win," Nissy said dancing around the top of the hill. Chiaki collapsed onto the lush grass as soon as she reached the top and gazed up at the stars. Nissy finished his victory dance just in time to join her. He lied down next to her and peered into the night sky. "Wow," he said softly.
"Yeah," Chiaki agreed. "You can't see stars like this out in Tokyo."
"Mhm..." Nissy murmured. Chiaki reached for Nissy's hand while his eyes were fixed on the stars. Conveniently, Nissy's hand was open wide as though he'd been hoping she'd do just that. "The stars are beautiful out here."
"They really are," she replied scanning the sky.
"Just like you..." Nissy said looking over at her. Her face lit up at the sound of Nissy's compliment. She turned her head to face Nissy.
"Hahah, so I'm only pretty when we're out he-" Nissy cut her off as he leaned in to kiss her. Chiaki didn't protest. As they released their embrace, they both laid back and sighed happily. Just as Nissy was going to tell Chiaki about how much he enjoyed the day, an abrupt noise broke the heavenly silence. It was... a crackly version of Jamboree..?! Chiaki pulled her phone out of her pocket in frustration. "Hello?!"
"Hey, Chi. How's the date with Takahiro goin'? Finally worked up the courage to ask him, huh? I'm proud of you."
"Mitsu! What the..?!" She could hear someone laughing in the background on the other end of the line. "Ah?! Shuta's there too?!?" Hidaka and Shuta were breaking out in hysterics hearing the panic in Chiaki's voice.  Nissy looked confused lying beside her.
"Is that Hidaka...?" Nissy began. Chiaki quickly hung up on them. They were still trying to catch their breath anyway.
"Um... don't worry about it," she said quickly. She leaned in toward Nissy. "Now... where were we?" she asked slyly-as smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Nissy was smiling too.
"I think I remember..."